In December of 2011, I knew I needed Somatic Experiencing®. I am deeply grateful I found Adria Zimmerman. After two decades of many forms of therapy, nothing brought about what I needed as my work with Adria did. Her Somatic Experiencing skills, presence, and knowledge of the human physiology brought the frozen me to life in many ways particularly presence, a settled nervous system and resilience. Adria is astute professionally and a personal gem.
– Cheryl Mansson, MA, LPC

Adria is outstanding. She  has helped me change my life for the better in ways I could not have even imagined. She is extraordinarily skilled and intuitive at working with trauma physiology. I recommend her without reservation, and regularly refer others to her with similar results. Her level of training and expertise also includes working with attachment trauma efficiently and effectively. Her kindness and great sense of humor make working with her fun. In a relatively short period of time I have had significant resolution of trauma symptoms, including asthma and a chronic rash. I am confident in continued progress, and I am so very grateful to her.
– W.G., Physician

Along life’s journey, we all have met people we were destined to meet. We may not realize such in that initial chance meeting, but as days and events unravel, we discover what a blessing this fateful event has been.

I first met Adria in 2009 in, of all places, a grocery store parking lot. I am an above-the-knee amputee, and on this day, I was experiencing intense pain from an ill-fitting prosthetic leg. She approached me and simply asked, “Are you okay?” I smiled and replied, “Yes, I am okay.” Not fooled by my response, she initiated further conversation. This dialog led to the start of something truly life-changing.

To date, I have had 39 surgeries over 32 years. Adria has helped me endure my last 5. The physical hardship has undoubtedly been a challenge. However, words often cannot express the emotional angst.  You cannot see it. You cannot touch it. So, society questions it and expects you to “just deal with it.” A doctor’s answer is to medicate it. I am dealing with it, but not the way society commands. Sure, I tried anti-depressants, but none offered the results I was seeking. Yes, I considered self-medicating. However, I knew the potential loss of my family because of those choices, was not worth the risk.

With Adria’s skill and guidance, I have learned that a man can show emotion and vulnerability and still be prideful. She has helped me understand stress, trauma, dissociation, and how to persevere in a world which is often less than fair.  More importantly, she has given me the tools to not” just deal with it” – but to be with all the overwhelm in a much more productive and positive way.  Before Somatic Experiencing work, my need for pain medication was pretty high, now it is 75 percent less than what I use to need.

Thank you Adria for being not just the true professional you are, but for the person you are. Your gentle and calming spirit has changed my life.
– Al B.

I didn’t realize how much my trauma had  f***ed up so many aspects of my life. It took a half a year of serious dedication to my SE healing journey, but I can honestly say I’m a different human being. Thank you SE and Adria for helping me to become whole again!
– Ben M.